This page is dedicated to commentary and discussion on the political issues of the day: (city, county, state and national. Any use of curse words will result in immediate expulsion from this forum.

Pastor G.P. Nichols 



For whatever reason any individual evangelical may say for his or her support of President Donald Trump, a man who is an unashamed bully.  You would never tolerate your 12 year old calling other children unflattering nicknames, a man who, during his campaign encouraged, no incited violence at his rallies and then applauded when physical violence broke out. Somehow EVANGELICALS have been able to ignore the fact that Trump is a man of no morals whatsoever, 19 accusers of sexual abuse an at least 2 affairs with Playboy bunnies and a porno star but suppose that until it’s proven that he’s gay or that he’s  really a woman who’s aborted a child all can be forgiven.  This man who disparages poor nations just for being poor, where is your OUTRAGE?

For judges you think you’ll like? Or the promise to overturn Roe v Wade? This man who believes the answer to gun violence is to give more people guns. This man who lies for what seems no more reason than if a lie will do why not. Is he worth it?



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